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KZ106 presents The Black Jacket Symphony at the Tivoli Theatre on Saturday, January 25th for TWO shows to perform a full night of music from Led Zeppelin. Known for their note-for-note, sound-for-sound recreations of classic albums, The Black Jacket Symphony wants you to help them choose the album! They’ll start the show with a surprise album—either IIIIIIV, or Houses of the Holy—followed by a full set of Led Zeppelin hits. Check out each album and track listing, then fill out the form below to cast your votes.
 Led Zeppelin: II

1. Whole Lotta Love
2. What Is and What Should Never Be
3. The Lemon Song
4. Thank You
5. Heartbreaker
6. Living Loving Maid
7. Ramble On
8. Moby Dick
9. Bring It On Home


Led Zeppelin: III

1. Immigrant Song
2. Friends
3. Celebration Day
4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
5. Out on the Tiles
6. Gallows Pole
7. Tangerine
8. That’s the Way
9. Bron-Yaa-Aur Stomp
10. Hats Off to (Roy) Harper


 Led Zeppelin: IV

1. Black Dog
2. Rock and Roll
3. The Battle of Evermore
4. Stairway to Heaven
5. Misty Mountain Top
6. Four Sticks
7. Going to California
8. When the Levee Breaks



Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy

1. The Song Remains the Same
2. The Rain Song
3. Over the Hills and Far Away
4. The Crunge
5. Dancing Days
6. D’yer Mak’er
7. To Quarter
|8. The Ocean


Black Jacket Symphony Led Zeppelin

Which Led Zeppelin album should Black Jacket Symphony perform January 25, 2020 at The Tivoli?
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  • Which Led Zeppelin album should Black Jacket Symphony perform first (5:00 PM show) January 25, 2020 at The Tivoli?
  • Which Led Zeppelin album should Black Jacket Symphony perform second (9:00 PM show) January 25, 2020 at The Tivoli?
You can also vote by visiting and commenting with which album you’d like them to play. The surprise will come on the first note the night of the show!

The Black Jacket Symphony offers a unique concert experience by recreating classic albums in a live performance setting with a first class lighting and video production. A selected album is performed in its entirety by a group of hand-picked musicians specifically selected for each album. With no sonic detail being overlooked, the musicians do whatever it takes to musically reproduce the album. Following the album and a brief intermission, the Black Jacket Symphony returns to the stage to perform a collection of greatest hits by the evening’s artist.