KZ QUICK CLICKS Music News: 1/19/18

Aerosmith and David Bowie have been added to the Grammy Hall Of Fame.

Many of Trader Joe’s product names seem to have five syllables – Try singing themto the tune of the Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby”

Eric Clapton talks about terrible comments and the most shameful part of his life in the 12 Bars documentary.

Bon Jovi will be inducted into the Rock Hall by Howard Stern.

The widow of Glenn Frey has sued the New York hospital and doctor who treated him at the end of his life.

U2 gets animated in their new video.

Queen guitarist Brian May visited the set of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap has an all-star solo album coming out April 13th.

Ann Wilson of Heart lashes out at sexism in the music biz in a Rolling Stone Q&A.

Sting in talks to play tailgate gig before Super Bowl 52

Eagles lawyers have stopped the owners of Mexico’s Hotel California Baja from using that name in the U.S.

Joan Jett in the film “Bad Reputation” will be screened several times at next week’s Sundance Film Festival.

Joe Perry jams with SlashJohnny Depp and more at his solo album release show for “Sweetzerland Manifesto”


4:20 Flashback: 747

4:20 Flashback: 747

This bands personal Boeing 747 was badly damaged after colliding with a tow truck while grounded at Santiago, Chile, 2016.